Superkick Services

Plant your flag. Lead your industry.

You have a killer product, one you know the public will love.

So what?

If you don’t know what only you do better than everyone else, how will potential customers know? Superkick helps brands build clarity so they can top their market.

brand diagnostic

Doctors don’t prescribe treatment without diagnosing symptons. Neither do we. Before recommending actions, we thoroughly evaluate your brand messaging.

Critical review of current written and visual messaging, focusing on clarity, brand personality, positioning, and differentiation.

Competitive analysis measuring how well your brand stands out in its market.

SWOT analysis, pinpointing your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Road map for success with action recommendations

messaging Workshop

  • Build your brand’s persona and messaging to clearly communicate and connect with customers.
  • Discussion of brand diagnostic and business goals
  • Determinination of your brand personality, the basis for all future messaging
  • Clarification of your target audience, their problem and how your brand solves it, and more
  • Messaging guide to keep everyone on your team consistently speaking the same brand language
  • Strategies for implementing your new brand personality and messaging

monthly strategy sessions

  • Maximize the impact of your brand messaging.
  • One-hour video/phone call
  • Review of previous month’s results and strategies for future plans
  • Tactical support related to advertising, brand visuals, and more.