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Revive Life House

The mission of Revive Life House is to help men break free from addiction by focusing on the root causes. We’re excited that, having worked with our team for several years, they have tangible results and a clear vision of what makes their organization unique.

We helped Revive communicate its story and passion more effectively by overhauling the existing branding. Rather than simply describe what they do, we shifted the focus to why they do it and how their work transforms their clients’ lives. Using the Superkick Brand Blueprint process, we designed a more engaging, memorable story that better resonates with potential clients, donors, and families.


GreenBox Heating & Air

GreenBox Heating & Air offers exceptional service throughout central Kentucky. Unfortunately, they weren’t reaching as many potential customers or converting as many leads as possible.

We helped GreenBox improve its lead conversion rates by creating an engaging Facebook ad targeting specific buyer personas. We also created custom email campaigns and videos for each sales funnel stage to better lead potential customers toward buying.